The Best Action Movies to Look Forward to in 2018 | The Black Dahlia


2018 is considered as an amazing year for Hollywood as it witnessed some of the most entertaining and interesting movies from the beginning of the year and many more to come. You should look for the best action movies to look forward to in 2018 as there are a large number of thrilling sequels, long awaited adaptations and many exciting new ventures that are sure to make the audience happy and content with the long list of movies that have been released and yet to be released. Audiences are sure to see movies with powerful storylines and talented actors that will keep them spellbound with the popular options that are available to entertain individuals of every age group.

The best action movies to look forward to in 2018

Jurassic World – fallen kingdom – this is the most awaited sequel of the popular movie Jurassic World that was released in 2015 and this movie is sure to make the audiences entertained with its amazing action and intriguing characters. This movie is directed by J.A. Bayona and it is written by Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow.

Black panther – it is a must watch movie on the list of every movie lover as this movie has taken the Marvel movies a notch ahead as it is the best and most memorable among the rest. It has everything that can make a movie an instant hit among the audience which includes human drama, superb acting, amazing locations and mind blowing action. The audiences will be glued to the screen from the start till end as it has amazing actors that have delivered powerful performances, making the movie even more interesting.


Halloween – if you love watching horror movies then this is the best option for you as it is the best sequel of the Halloween film franchise which has the fear, surprise and horror element in the movie. This movie is conceptualized by David Gordon Green as horror movies are very much in demand in 2018 and don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Avengers: Infinity War – this is the most awaited superhero movie based on the review from 123movies, and is being anticipated by moviegoers across the globe as it has the right blend of action, drama and superhero’s that makes this movie the best among the big budget films. The storyline of this movie is a battle between the mad Titan Thanos and mighteiest warriors of the Earth along with super heroes and demi gods.

Ready player one – this is an adaption from a popular novel by the same name which is written by Ernest Cline as it is a si-fi movie that is popular among audiences of every age. It also have the right among of action that makes the movie an interesting watch as the plots and storyline is different from the regular sci-fi flicks. Watching the trailer of the movie might give you a fair idea regarding what the movie is about but you will not get the complete picture as you will have to watch the
whole movie to unravel the entire story.

With so many great movies thus far this year, it’s hard to choose just one.  So, do what we do and go see them all!  Enjoy the movies!