Insurance Needed if You Plan on Financing Your Own Movie | The Black Dahlia


If you have decided to finance your movie on your own, it is a very interesting thing. But you must keep in mind that you cannot successfully complete the shooting of the movie if you have not addressed several important aspects. We know that you are already connected to the Movie industry and that’s why you have decided to finance the movie on your own. So, we are not going to discuss the things that one must follow when filming a movie. But we believe that it is our responsibility to describe the elements that are not clear to you.

1-300x200-1850299The protection of the people that are going to participate in the production of the movie is really important. In fact, you must also focus on protecting the copies because there are some people that steal the blueprints and use them for their own benefits. This may cause a lot of damage to your investment. Therefore, you should purchase the right type of insurance plan to stay protected at different stages. Today, we are going to describe the insurance plans you may need when you are looking to finance your own movie. And we now that these plans will help you protect your investment at different stages.

Here are the different types of insurance plans you may need if you plan on financing your own movie.

Professional liability insurance

2-300x148-2007687There are several mistakes that different members of the staff may make. You’d be considered responsible for the mistakes that occur at a higher level. And the professional liability insurance can provide you with enough protection in case of a claim.

Fleet insurance

We recommend the fleet insurance for your company if you want to finance multiple movies on your own. Although you are going to work on the production of the movies after a specific time, the fleet insurance can provide you enough benefits for a very long time. This insurance will not only help you protect your production but it will also provide enough protection for the staff members that are participating in the production of the movie.

Workers’ compensation insurance

3-300x200-1048980This insurance plan is supposed to provide enough safety for the people that are working with you. If a worker gets injured during the production of the movie, the insurance company will accommodate all the expenses of his recovery. In fact, the insurance company would provide a compensation if the worker is badly injured. So, you must avail this insurance plan to ensure the safety of your staff members. In fact, it is not only good for your employees but for your own safety also.

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