The Black Dahlia Movie

Inspired by the Most Notorious Unsolved Murder in California History. 

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Hi, I am Ken, I am the Owner of this blog. I love movies and I love sharing it with everyone. In this blog, I’ll share some useful information about the great Black Dahlia movie. The story of the movie was amazing and the detective has also done a great job.

I became a fan of the detective after watching his kind. I like watching such kind of movies where there are different kinds of mysteries to be solved. Mysteries help me refresh my mind and it allows me to think from different perspectives.

Some romantic scenes are also included in this movie which may also grab your attention. Another important thing about Black Dahlia is that is a reality based movie and there are only a few movies that are reality based. I love watching such kind of movies. If you’re also a fan of such movies, keep visiting this blog because you’re gonna love it.

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Scarlett Jhonson

Josh Hartnett

Hilary Swank

Aaron Eckhart

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How fire scenes are made in movies?

Movies Industry has become more and more advanced these days and it is moving to the greater advancement with super-fast speed. If you see the videos from the past few decades, you’ll realize that the video quality in that time was extremely poor than what they’re providing these days.

It’s not only about the video quality but there are many other advancements they’ve made to this industry to grab the attention of viewers. Now, we often see that some movies include imaginary creatures in them such as dinosaurs, aliens, and super heroes. And they’ve made these movies so much realistic these days that we can’t even realize that it’s fake.

Today’s topic is related to the fire scenes that we see in the movies. We all know that fire is the worst enemy of humans. So, most of us believe that making a fire scene in a movie would have definitely been one of the most dangerous parts of the movie. Many people think that the directors also hire the fire watch guards when creating such kinds of scenes.

But the reality is totally different from what we think. The fire we see in the movies isn’t real at all and the movie editors use different softwares to add those fire effects. There are different video editing softwares that are used to create special effects and creatures.

Let’s take a look at some of these softwares they use to create fire scenes in the movies.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is a very popular software that is used for video editing. Those who’ve used this software know that there are different filters available in it that we can use according to our requirements. The fire filter is commonly used by video editors to add the fire effect to a video. The problem with this software is that the fire effect it adds to the videos is not realistic and creative and therefore, in some movies, we realize that the fire and the flames are fake.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced software that is used by professional and expert video editors. It also has the same fire effect in it and it also allows the editor to add a fire effect according to his requirement. The problem with this tool is that it requires a lot of time to create a fire effect and movie editors don’t have enough time to create effects for each movement, therefore, most of the editors choose the more advanced tools.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is the most powerful tool that is used in almost all the Hollywood movies to create several creatures and fire scenes. The editor needs to have complete knowledge of all the tools of this software if he wants to edit a video with it otherwise, he’ll ruin the entire video. There are several factors that are important for this software and all the expert editors are aware of all those factors.

Benefits of Hiring Special Event Security for Movie Premiere’s and Birthday’s

Whether it’s a movie premier, a birthday, or any other special event, security is becoming more and more necessary.  Recently, we heard of a story about a 10 year olds birthday being held up and we thought this provided a great example of why event security is vital these days.

One sweet evening, a family was celebrating the 10th birthday of their daughter. While gifts were being presented to the birthday girl, a few armed men put guns on the faces of the guests and asked them to give them everything that they had starting from their wallets and handbags to their cell phones. The hosts and the guests were left with no other choice but to succumb to the perpetrators. Some men carrying backpacks were easily able to pass effortlessly through the front gate of the event venue while carrying appliances like mixer-grinders, laptops and other special tools stolen from the rooms of the event venue. This crime at a birthday event perpetrated because of the lack of special event security.

Had there been special security guards hired for taking care of the security issues of the event, the crime might not have perpetrated. The security for the event might have been quite instrumental in preventing the felony from taking place. Men and women, professionally trained in providing physical security, are nowhere to be found in the above-detailed situation. So, what is physical security and what is its importance?

Physical security is the prevention of demise or sabotage of property that might come from the inside or the outside. Security personnel for special events is professional skilled and trained individuals who are adept at carrying out the task of securing events and preventing criminal activities that might happen for business or casual event. Apart from offering physical security, I will present the most practical and an obvious reason why it is important to hire the services of event security companies for protecting your events and premises. In other words, I will outline the benefits of getting the services of special personnel for event security.

Masters of Assigned Posts

Security personnel hired for special events are well aware of the goings and the comings of the environment that they need to work in, and therefore they can provide the best security. They are very well acquainted with the services that they need to provide, and this knowledge tends to be important during dire times.

Have the Ability of Assessing Danger

Since the security professionals hired for special events are professionally skilled and trained and because they practice situational awareness from time to time, they have this exclusive ability to sense tell-tale signs of present and clear danger. Therefore, crime prevention during an event is just a piece of cake for such professionals. In times of conflict and calamity, they are the ones who have this amazing ability to lead the guests and the attendee s at an event towards complete safety.

Great Customer Care

Security personnel can not only be hired for looking after the security of an event but also for assisting the guests at an event. This is because these professionals are adept at offering extra support to people attending a special event. They are fully aware of the ideals of customer satisfaction and customer care.

Is it worth shooting a movie in the abandoned churches?

As we all have seen that in most of the horror movies we watch abandoned places which are made up by the set designers. But in most of the movies, we can also see the abandoned churches which give horror look to the movie in reality.

Let’s have a look at the global abandoned churches that are beautiful as well.


There is a church in the place where you can see no chairs and no paint. This church seems like an empty room where people used to come to worship the Jesus but now there is nothing like that and people don’t come here.

This place is totally shattered and now you can see the place with all the broken walls and old furniture inside the room broken a part. In the night, it definitely is a bad place to visit and shoot for some movie or documentary.


The church in the southeast Maui is at such a beautiful location and this place looks fab during the day night. You will love the beauty of the place but still, people don’t come there to worship and to spend their day.

This church is abandoned and it doesn’t look that horrible in the day as it looks in the night. This place is not suitable to shoot for the film in the night because any accident may happen there due to the no population.


This church looks like an old luxurious church we used to watch the movie with big metal gate. It seems like that gate is going to open automatically like in the movies and you will be able to witness some old person coming out of it.

The condition of the building is not great as well and you can see how hard it is to make this place again great for the worshipping. People don’t come here and this place is now closed. There is no one to take care of the church.


This church is located in between the mountains and bushes which seem like you are having some sort of dream. It looks a perfect place for the shoot of some haunted or thriller movie where you can see no people living around.

The trees around the church are empty and it feels like that all the things around the church are abandoned. The mountains around the church are empty and it gives horrible look to the church.


In the United States, there are lots of churches which are abandoned but this church is horrible among all. If you will see the picture of the church then you will be able to see the horror on the building and how the gray part of the church gives it horror.  A church was used in the Black Dahlia film and sold by a commercial real estate agent a while back.

The doors of the church remain closed now and different plants are on the wall of the church now. This church looks horrible in the night and it looks like nobody has ever come to visit the place.