The Black Dahlia Movie

Inspired by the Most Notorious Unsolved Murder in California History. 

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Hi, I am Ken, I am the Owner of this blog. I love movies and I love sharing it with everyone. In this blog, I’ll share some useful information about the great Black Dahlia movie. The story of the movie was amazing and the detective has also done a great job.

I became a fan of the detective after watching his kind. I like watching such kind of movies where there are different kinds of mysteries to be solved. Mysteries help me refresh my mind and it allows me to think from different perspectives.

Some romantic scenes are also included in this movie which may also grab your attention. Another important thing about Black Dahlia is that is a reality based movie and there are only a few movies that are reality based. I love watching such kind of movies. If you’re also a fan of such movies, keep visiting this blog because you’re gonna love it.

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Main Cast 

Scarlett Jhonson

Josh Hartnett

Hilary Swank

Aaron Eckhart

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The best movies based on video games

There are many interesting and entertaining movies launched every year. Most of the movies are based on some lessons, some are based on technology and some are based on fiction. The movies have a better chance to become popular as compared to the games because everyone is interested in watching movies according to his taste and whenever the friends sit together in a restaurant, they talk about a movie that inspired them a lot but you’d rarely find some friends talking about a video game because everybody doesn’t like to play the video games. Click Here to see the movies that are based on video games.

Different people have different priorities. Therefore, the number of visitors on a premium movie site is greater than the number of visitors on a free gaming site. For example, there are only a few people that regularly play the Friv Video Games – Free while there are lots of people that regularly visit their favorite movie site to see if a new movie has launched or not.

This is the major reason why you’d find lots of games that are based on different movies as it helps in increasing the number of players for those games but there are only a few movies that are based on video games. However, there are at least some movies that are based on video games. It is a clear sign that those games became so much popular that the producers and directors did not have any other choice instead of making a movie on those games.

It is not sure that whether a game that is based on a movie would ever become popular or not but it is confirm that a movie that is based on a video game would definitely become popular. So, here are some of the most popular movies that are based on video games.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

It is a very popular Hollywood movie that was based on a video game. Angelina Jolie (the beauty queen) played the role of Lara in this successful movie but Angelina Jolie’s outstanding performance was not the only thing that made this movie become popular. The popularity of the video game also played an important role in increasing the popularity of this movie. The budget of the movie was 94 million USD while it earned 274.7 million USD at the box office.


Warcraft is another popular game that was recently published in 2016. The game was actually based on a video game that became very popular among the youngsters. The popularity of the game played an important role in making this movie popular. The budget of the movie was 160 million USD and it earned 433.7 million USD on Box office.


The doom was another movie that was based on an action game. The movie was released in 2005 and it earned 56 million USD at the Box office. The movie couldn’t become very popular because the director failed to do justice to different characters and the ending of the movie was also very boring. Click Here and take a look at the extensive list of movies that are based on video games.

Amazing tips to spice up your next movie night

Watching a movie in a theater is always full of excitement but the environment of theater often makes us feel uncomfortable. Watching a movie at home is often more comfortable, more convenient and less expensive as compared to the theater. There are some rules and regulations when you go to watch a movie in the theater.

Who wants to follow the rules while watching a movie? You need to sit straight and you can’t even pause at any point while watching the movie. In other words, watching a movie at a theater sometimes causes irritation. You want complete comfort and control when you’re watching a movie. Therefore, you’ve decided to watch a movie at home.

You have invited your friends to join you for an amazing movie night but the problem is that you don’t know how to make this night more exciting. So, don’t worry because here we’re going to share some amazing tips that’ll help you spice up your next movie night.

Choosing the movie

Choosing the movie is the most difficult thing you have to do when organizing a movie night. You need to keep in mind that the movie should be according to the taste of all the friends you have invited otherwise, they won’t show any interest in the movie and the situation will become uncomfortable. You can even ask your friends for the suggestion because it will help you make a better decision.

Snacks and food

Usually, people order the fast food for the movie night which is not a fun way of enjoying that night. If you want to spice up the movie night, then you’d have to do something different. If you’re a good cook, then it’s time to show your cooking skills to your friends. You may cook something delicious and spicy according to the event.

If you’re not a cook, you can still try your cooking skills by watching a recipe on Youtube. This will help you surprise your friends.

Portable Projectors

If you want to add a cinematic look to your movie night, then consider watching a movie on the portable projectors. Turn all the lights off and enjoy the movie on a wide screen. Here are the best portable projectors if you want to make your movie night more fun.

Movie Type

Horror movies are the best choice for the movie night especially when you’re with your friends. The fear and scary moments displayed in the movie increase the excitement of the movie night. There are plenty of horror movies that you can decide to watch on your next movie night.

Action movies can also be the perfect choice for the movie night if your friends are more interested in watching several stunts. However, if you’re watching a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then nothing can be better than a romantic movie as you’d love to romance while watching the movie. This will help you enjoy the amazing moments with your partner.

Ranking the top Halloween movies of all time

Movies are considered to be the most efficient source of information because they explain the meaning of something in a fun and entertaining way. There are different types of movies that are meant to spread a particular type of message among viewers. The word Halloween movies must have drawn your attention towards terror and fear because Halloween is an event that involves such horror and terror in it.

So, you must be thinking that in this article we’ll be talking about the Halloween movies that contain terror in them but you might not know that there are several Halloween movies that don’t have any terror in them and are specially produced to pass the knowledge and information among kids. The Halloween costumes used in these particular movies are also a symbol of peace.

However, today we’re going to talk about the top Halloween movies of all the time. We thought of putting these movies in a specific ranking so that you may understand that which movie is worth watching. We’ve also added the description of each movie with it so that you can decide that whether you should watch this particular movie or not.

Let’s take a look at the list of these top Halloween movies.

The Omen

It was an amazing blockbuster. This movie was full of terror. The movie was first released on 6 June 1976. Richard Donner was the director of this outclass movie. After the birth of a stillborn child at their home, Robert and Katherine adopted a boy named Damien. Father Brennan warns Robert after the murder of Damien’s first nanny that Damien will kill the unborn child of Katherine.

The prophecy turned to be true when Damien killed the unborn child by pushing Katherine off the balcony. After watching numerous deaths around Damien, Robert tries to find out the background of Damien and then he finds out that Damien is an antichrist.

Paranormal Activity

This movie was another blockbuster that became popular just in a few days. The movie was released on 25 September 2009. Oren Peli was the director of this movie. Around 11,000 USD was spent on the production of this movie and that was really worth it because it helped them 193.4 million USD revenue.

Soon after they moved into a suburban tract home, the presence of a supernatural object started created disturbance in the lives of Katie and Micah. They decided to set up the video cameras in the hope that they’ll be able to gain some evidence of the incidents that are going to take place. But they failed to make any kind preparations for all the terrifying events that took place after that.

These are the top-rated Halloween movies that won excellent reviews and managed to earn a huge amount of money as compared to the investment they made.