The Black Dahlia Movie

Inspired by the Most Notorious Unsolved Murder in California History. 

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Hi, I am Ken, I am the Owner of this blog. I love movies and I love sharing it with everyone. In this blog, I’ll share some useful information about the great Black Dahlia movie. The story of the movie was amazing and the detective has also done a great job.

I became a fan of the detective after watching his kind. I like watching such kind of movies where there are different kinds of mysteries to be solved. Mysteries help me refresh my mind and it allows me to think from different perspectives.

Some romantic scenes are also included in this movie which may also grab your attention. Another important thing about Black Dahlia is that is a reality based movie and there are only a few movies that are reality based. I love watching such kind of movies. If you’re also a fan of such movies, keep visiting this blog because you’re gonna love it.

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Main Cast 

Scarlett Jhonson

Josh Hartnett

Hilary Swank

Aaron Eckhart

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Best Movies to Watch for a Relaxing Day in Your Bed

So, you have planned to spend this weekend at home with your spouse and want to enjoy the whole weekend without doing anything. There are many interesting things you can do to enjoy the weekend at home. Usually, people go to different picnic points to enjoy the weekend but the comfort that you can find at home cannot be found elsewhere.

If you have planned to spend the weekend at home, you must have also planned to watch an interesting movie to make this weekend extremely incredible. The best thing you can do here is to spend most of your time in the bed so that you can feel completely relaxed. In this article, we will talk about the movies that will make you feel relaxed when you are enjoying your weekend at home.

The daybeds are the perfect companion if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing day at home as they put your body in a completely relaxing state. You can search the market to find the best daybeds for your home so that you can enjoy such amazing moments every weekend.

Love Rosie

Love Rosie is a romantic movie with lots of suspense. If you are looking to watch a movie with your spouse, then you must choose to watch this one. We bet that you’d love watching this movie and it will make you feel relaxed. This is a story about a boy and girl that started their journey to college together but they got separated due to some problems. However, they never forgot their promises and they remained committed all the time. And finally, they met after a very long time and started spending a happy life.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

This is the most amazing movie that I have ever watched in my life. Even the title of the movie is really inspiring. It is the story of a girl named Andie that was supposed to write a story about different techniques that women use to get rid of their boyfriends. She had to gather some real information so, she decided to do it on her own and she started looking for a boyfriend so that she can try the techniques on him. She finally found Benjamin and this is where the fun begins. So, if you want to enjoy an amazing weekend, then go for this incredible movie.

National Treasure

If you love watching science fiction movies, then you should watch this movie to make your weekend relaxing. The founding fathers of the United States hid a mystery of a chest and now Benjamin Franklin Gates is on the hunt to find that treasure. So, you’d enjoy watching this movie if you want to spend a relaxing weekend. Don’t forget to take a look at this interesting information about National Treasure movie.

Cool Movie Gadgets You Can Actually Use Every Day

The movies are usually based on the imagination and most of the times that gadgets that are shown in a movie do not actually exist or some of them are not in the range of a normal guy. However, there are some cool gadgets used in the movies that you can actually use in your everyday routine. This may sound strange but there are amazing gadgets that you can purchase to use them regularly.

There are many amazing gadgets introduced these days and there is no doubt that you can easily get access to those gadgets. But when it comes to using a gadget from a movie, you feel very excited and happy because you can show that gadget to your friends with the reference to the movie. In this article, we are going to talk about some crazy and cool gadgets from the movies that you can use in your daily routine.

Lover’s Watch

You may have seen the lover’s watch in a movie but you’d have never thought of finding such a watch in the stores. You’d shocked to hear that you can now buy this watch from all the popular stores and you can also buy this watch online. This watch comes with all the incredible features that you see in the movie. You can contact your loved one with the help of this watch. You can also check the location of your loved one if they have turned on the GPS on their watch.


The hoverboards have become very common these days and they are commonly being used in the movies as well. The features that are usually shown in the movies are considered to be imaginary and most of the people believe that these types of hoverboards are not available in the real world. But if you take some time to check: TopTenTheBest, you’d find that there is a wide range of hoverboards available that are usually shown in the movies. Before making a purchase, you must make sure that you find the most suitable option.

Magic Gloves

If you have seen the Mission Impossible movie, you must have seen the magic gloves there. The hero used those gloves to climb on the upper floor of the building that he was living in. These gloves are very risky and you should not use them to climb the high buildings.

However, you can use these gloves to reach the minimal heights. Make sure that you buy the good quality gloves otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the hospital after falling on the ground.

360-degree security cameras

You must have seen the 360-degree security cameras in several movies that move automatically and provide you the video of the entire location. These cameras are not only used in the movies but they are also available in the real world. You can buy these cameras to make your home or office safe and secure. Here are some other amazing movie gadgets that you can actually use.

The best movies based on video games

There are many interesting and entertaining movies launched every year. Most of the movies are based on some lessons, some are based on technology and some are based on fiction. The movies have a better chance to become popular as compared to the games because everyone is interested in watching movies according to his taste and whenever the friends sit together in a restaurant, they talk about a movie that inspired them a lot but you’d rarely find some friends talking about a video game because everybody doesn’t like to play the video games. Click Here to see the movies that are based on video games.

Different people have different priorities. Therefore, the number of visitors on a premium movie site is greater than the number of visitors on a free gaming site. For example, there are only a few people that regularly play the Friv Video Games – Free while there are lots of people that regularly visit their favorite movie site to see if a new movie has launched or not.

This is the major reason why you’d find lots of games that are based on different movies as it helps in increasing the number of players for those games but there are only a few movies that are based on video games. However, there are at least some movies that are based on video games. It is a clear sign that those games became so much popular that the producers and directors did not have any other choice instead of making a movie on those games.

It is not sure that whether a game that is based on a movie would ever become popular or not but it is confirm that a movie that is based on a video game would definitely become popular. So, here are some of the most popular movies that are based on video games.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

It is a very popular Hollywood movie that was based on a video game. Angelina Jolie (the beauty queen) played the role of Lara in this successful movie but Angelina Jolie’s outstanding performance was not the only thing that made this movie become popular. The popularity of the video game also played an important role in increasing the popularity of this movie. The budget of the movie was 94 million USD while it earned 274.7 million USD at the box office.


Warcraft is another popular game that was recently published in 2016. The game was actually based on a video game that became very popular among the youngsters. The popularity of the game played an important role in making this movie popular. The budget of the movie was 160 million USD and it earned 433.7 million USD on Box office.


The doom was another movie that was based on an action game. The movie was released in 2005 and it earned 56 million USD at the Box office. The movie couldn’t become very popular because the director failed to do justice to different characters and the ending of the movie was also very boring. Click Here and take a look at the extensive list of movies that are based on video games.