Netflix has released a new documentary called Take Your Pills, which discusses the effects nootropics have on the brain.  Nature has provided large number of plants and herbs to mankind that can help in improving not only their physical health but also mental health. With that in mind, we decided to look deeper into this documentary and see what actual herbs and plants were out there that could increase our brain performance.

Fenugreek: This plant provides good amount of choline that can help in improving your digestion along with memory. It can be included in your routine diet in infused form or in the tea due to its medicinal properties. Two cups of fenugreek tea every day are recommended to keep you healthy and refreshed.

Salvia: This plant helps your body cells in retaining acetylcholine to recover your memory and strengthening your mind because of good amount of antioxidants in it. It can be infused into water to drink once or twice a week.

gotukolaGotu Kola: This healthy herb can help in improving performance of your mind by improving your concentration and memory and is similar to what kratom plant looks like. Adaptogen is another name of this herb as it also helps in lowering various types of stresses which can affect the ability of your mind to think properly and process information. Certain physical stresses like frowning or shallow breathing can also affect the working of your brain by releasing cortisol. This herb can improve the performance of your mind by reducing the effect of these stresses.

Ginseng: It is one of the Asian herbs that can help in boosting your concentration, mood and energy by controlling stresses due to its adaptogenic properties. It is found in caffeine as a stimulant without any negative effect. It can also prolong your physical and mental endurance, ease anxiety and improve your attention and memory. It is used in various types of natural and synthetic medicines including ADD and ADHD due to very low side effects.

Bacopa: The flowers of this plant are known to improve cognition, memory and learning power. It may show little effect in reviving old memories but can show amazing results with recently got information.

Valerian: This herb can allow your body to take a restful and calm sleep in a natural manner without depending upon sleeping pills as it is more effective than those pills. It can also help in removing the side effects of sleeping pills, if you are using them since long.

Calendula: It is one of the popular healthy herbs that are known for their skin care properties. It can treat everything related to your skin care ranging from chapped lips to acne etc.

Burdock: This herb is used all over the world to treat dandruff, reduce skin problems along with fighting with your hair loss problem.

Ginger: It is one of the most popular healthy herbs that are used almost throughout the year for treating your upset stomach along with treating nausea experienced during motion sickness and pregnancy as it slows down the production of serotonin.

Mullein flower: It is a flowering plant that can be used to get rid of infection in your ears in a natural way. When condensed in oil form it can be used as antibacterial oil.